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Look no further than Dental Professionals of Spring for top-quality dentures in Spring, Texas. Tooth loss is a challenge that can be overcome with our team on your side. You will love the look and function that your new dentures provide.

Dentures in Spring, Texas

Dentures are used when a complete row of top or bottom teeth needs to be replaced. These devices consist of prosthetic teeth that are supported by a gum-colored base. Modern dentures offer a remarkably natural appearance and the same functionality as healthy teeth. People who receive dentures love their regained ability to smile, speak and eat with ease. We offer traditional dentures, fixed dentures and denture stabilization. The best denture option will depend on the patient’s unique needs.

What are Traditional Dentures?

Traditional dentures represent a non-surgical option for replacing lost teeth. These dentures do not use implants to remain in place. Instead, they rely on suction from the dental arch and support from any remaining jawbone to remain secure. Our traditional dentures are custom-designed to appear as natural as possible, and their removability makes them very easy to clean and maintain. Traditional dentures are usually the best option when a patient is unable to receive oral surgery to install dental implants. No surgery also means that the patient will not have to wait out a recovery period to receive traditional dentures.

What is Denture Stabilization?

Denture stabilization is the technique of using permanently installed dental implants to support and secure a set of removable dentures. The advantage to denture stabilization is that the patient will receive the benefits of dental implants, while also receiving the convenience and freedom of removable dentures. Dental implants represent the best method for keeping dentures properly secured when the end user is talking or chewing food. They also help to prevent problems like jawbone deterioration and facial structure loss. Meanwhile, the ability to remove the dentures will make them easier for the patient to clean and maintain.

What are Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures are replacement teeth that remain permanently secured using dental implants. Once fixed dentures have been installed, the only way to remove them is through oral surgery. The patient will need to care for their fixed dentures in the same way that they would natural teeth. This includes brushing and flossing daily. Many patients choose to receive fixed dentures because their inability to be removed makes them more like natural teeth. The use of dental implants also allows fixed dentures to feel incredibly natural.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of dentures. The first depends on whether the patient is receiving traditional dentures, fixed dentures or removable dentures with denture stabilization implants. The cost will also depend on any unique needs of the patient. Our staff can provide a more accurate cost estimate prior to treatment. We work to keep our dentures as affordable as possible so that they are accessible to most of our patients. Our practice also offers financing options to help patients more easily afford dentures.

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Turab Hussain | June 2022

This is without a doubt the best dentistry I've been to in Texas. Highly recommend. The design and ambiance of the office will really make you feel comfortable and the staff and doctor are masters of their craft. Enjoy a movie while they work on your smile and know that you are in good hands. I really can't recommend this dentistry enough.
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Ashley Claborn | Feb 2022

I’ve never been a huge fan of the dentist. But i had someone recommended this dentist office, and i cannot tell you how amazing he is. His staff are the sweetest people. He will do everything to make you comfortable. I am so happy i went to this dentist.
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Christi Chapa | Aug 2021

Dr. Raina is an excellent dentist. He is very thorough and explains everything so clearly! This was my first visit and I was VERY impressed! They were able to fit me in last minute to repair my bonding. He did an excellent job! Better than what I had before! The staff was also so friendly and just awesome!!! I highly recommend Dental Professionals of Spring!
third testimonial review for Dental Professionals of Spring

Jorgia Marilee | Oct 2021

The best dentist I have ever been too. I have always been so scared to go to the dentist and Dr. Raina and his staff were AMAZING!! I had a root canal done and felt no pain. I am so excited to start coming to this office. Everyone here is so nice and Dr. Raina is very informative and lets you know exactly what he is doing. I am so happy I found this place!
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