Dental Implants
in Spring, Texas

Dental Professionals of Spring provides top-quality Dental Implants in Spring, Texas. Our dedicated team of dental experts will help you overcome the challenges of tooth loss and restore your smile. Your new teeth are sure to look great and function wonderfully.

Dental Implants in Spring, Texas

Dental implants are often recommended when teeth are lost or removed. These surgically installed devices perform the same functions as natural tooth roots, and they help ensure that replacement teeth remain steady and secure at all times. Dental implants also allow replacement teeth to feel more natural. Our practice offers endosteal implants and All-on-4 implants.

What are Endosteal Implants?

Endosteal implants consist of surgical-grade titanium metal screw-like devices that are inserted into the jawbone. Each implant has a supporting post that allows it to secure a dental crown or bridge. Multiple endosteal implants can be used together to support a complete set of dentures.

What are All-On-4 Implants?

All-on-4 implants are comprised of four strategically placed dental implants that will support a complete row of top or bottom replacement teeth. The titanium implants are inserted into the jawbone to hold the replacement teeth. This also works to prevent bone loss. The four implants will keep the new teeth steady and secure at all times. Using only four implants helps to keep any recovery period to a minimum, and it reduces the likelihood of any complications.

Dental Implants are Effective.

Dental implants are considered the single most effective method for replacing lost teeth. They provide the same functions as natural tooth roots. This helps keep them very secure, and it allows the new teeth to feel and look more natural. The oral surgery to install dental implants is relatively minor, and the procedure features an extremely high success rate.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

We work hard to keep any discomfort associated with dental implants to an absolute minimum. The oral surgery needed to install the implants is relatively minor, with only small incisions being required. We use sedation dentistry to ensure that the patient is kept as comfortable as possible. The recovery period is generally no more than a couple of weeks.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The exact cost is dependent upon many factors. These include the number and type of implants being installed, the general application of the implants, the teeth they are replacing and the unique needs of the patient. Our staff will provide a proper cost estimate prior to treatment. We do everything we can to make our dental implants as affordable and accessible as possible. Our practice also offers financing options to help patients pay for treatment if needed.

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Yulanda H. | May 2024

Best experience at a dental office yet! Very professional, very patient, gave me all options for the best outcome for me. Great work. I really had a great experience. Dr. Raina and his staff are truly the best!
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Nina Zeisig | Feb 2024

Dr. Raina and his team are just wonderful. When we left them after my little girls' annual cleaning, my 7 yo girl said 'that was fun' :-) We couldn't ask for more.
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Kelly Peric | Dec 2023

Dr. Raina is the best dentist in Spring! He is so kind and tolerates my anxiety towards dentistry. He tells you exactly what he is doing during the procedure so there is no surprises. The dental hygienist is fabulous and caring (and gentle). The front staff is great as well! Call this office today for your dental procedures, you will NOT regret it.
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Jorgia Marilee | March 2024

Dr. Raina and his staff are excellent at what they do! They are all very kind and helpful. Dr. Raina explains everything thoroughly and happily answers all questions. I am a new patient but this has been my best dental experience yet!
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