Emergency Dentistry
in Spring, Texas

You can rely on Dental Professionals of Spring if you require emergency dentistry in Spring, Texas. Our dedicated staff of oral care experts will do everything possible to provide you with outstanding short-notice treatment.

Emergency Dentistry in Spring, Texas

We remain open for your emergency needs! As dental healthcare providers during a pandemic, we are following the recommendation of the American Dental Association and the Executive Order of Governer Abott. We will continue to see patients who need emergency treatments and, on a case by-case basis if not showing symptoms such as fever, persistent coughing, or shortness of breath.

Here are our new check-in policies as they are in place for your safety and the safety of our community:

  1. Your temperature to be taken at check-in. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, will be rescheduled.
  2. Please only bring yourself to your appointment.
  3. Patients will be asked to wait in their vehicles after completing the check-in process to limit the number of people in the office at one time. You’ll receive a call or text when the doctor is ready to see you.

*General Dentistry Services will be provided as an emergency and on a case-by-case basis at this time.

*The information below may change at any time.

Emergency dentistry is needed when a sudden oral health problem arises that requires prompt treatment. If you chip or crack a tooth, then you might receive short-notice treatment to quickly restore its appearance. A patient with a sudden toothache might receive emergency dental treatment to determine the cause. Emergency dentistry is also commonly provided for patients with previously installed dental restorations that are damaged and require fast repairs.

Why has Dental Professionals of Spring decided to stay open during a global pandemic when many other businesses are closing their doors?

Dental pain is one of the top reasons for ER visits. With the prevalence of virus and emergency rooms facing high volumes, Dental Professionals of Spring plays an important part in catering to the healthcare needs that are already running thin currently. We want to do our part and contribute to a healthy community and helping hospitals and emergency departments with the volume of people that need attention.You can expect that our team at Dental Professionals of Spring will continue to provide our patients with the standard of care that we hold as a standard. All of us are in it together to care for you and your loved ones.

Seeking dental care during a pandemic?

Our offices adhere to the guidelines provided by CDC, ADA, and Federal and State regulatory bodies to provide you with safe and compassionate care. We will update you should your access to dental care be interrupted due to an inability to safely render our services.

Dental Professionals of Spring is taking to prevent the spread of infection

As the situation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we want to reiterate that our top priority is the health and safety of our staff, customers and community. We are taking all the precautions and reinforcing the preventive actions we have in place, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Even before the coronavirus, our offices followed strict infection control measures put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association.

Should I reschedule my upcoming dental appointment?

If you or someone you are in close contact with have recently traveled to one of the countries with large outbreaks of COVID-19 (China, Italy, Iran, or South Korea) or if you have been exposed to someone else who was diagnosed with COVID-19 or who was quarantined as a precaution, wait 14 days until you see your dentist to make sure you have not caught the coronavirus.
If you are healthy, there’s no need to cancel your regularly scheduled dental appointment. We will be in touch with you should it become necessary to reschedule your appointment.

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first testimonial image for Dental Professionals of Spring

Turab Hussain | June 2022

This is without a doubt the best dentistry I've been to in Texas. Highly recommend. The design and ambiance of the office will really make you feel comfortable and the staff and doctor are masters of their craft. Enjoy a movie while they work on your smile and know that you are in good hands. I really can't recommend this dentistry enough.
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Ashley Claborn | Feb 2022

I’ve never been a huge fan of the dentist. But i had someone recommended this dentist office, and i cannot tell you how amazing he is. His staff are the sweetest people. He will do everything to make you comfortable. I am so happy i went to this dentist.
second testimonial image for Dental Professionals of Spring

Christi Chapa | Aug 2021

Dr. Raina is an excellent dentist. He is very thorough and explains everything so clearly! This was my first visit and I was VERY impressed! They were able to fit me in last minute to repair my bonding. He did an excellent job! Better than what I had before! The staff was also so friendly and just awesome!!! I highly recommend Dental Professionals of Spring!
third testimonial review for Dental Professionals of Spring

Jorgia Marilee | Oct 2021

The best dentist I have ever been too. I have always been so scared to go to the dentist and Dr. Raina and his staff were AMAZING!! I had a root canal done and felt no pain. I am so excited to start coming to this office. Everyone here is so nice and Dr. Raina is very informative and lets you know exactly what he is doing. I am so happy I found this place!
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