When Healthy Teeth Habits aren’t Fit For your Teeth Anymore

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Healthy teeth Habits

When it’s unusually painful and less enjoyable to munch one’s favorite food, something must be wrong. Probably brushing one’s teeth and regularly flossing isn’t enough or overdoing it must be to blame. Here are some of the routines to reconsider: (healthy teeth habits)

a girl with a healthy teeth | Healthy teeth Habits

Excessive brushing

Does brushing one’s teeth after a meal had been a part of the routine? Well, that’s good but do not overdo it. Brushing aggressively and too often can do more harm than protection to one’s teeth. (healthy teeth habits)

For healthier teeth, wait for at least half an hour before cleaning it, or you may brush your teeth before nibbling oranges, tomatoes or foods that are acidic. In the meantime, you may rinse off the debris of food with water. When brushing one’s teeth, in a gentle manner, brush off the bits that are stuck in between the teeth. Do it for at least 2 minutes.

Healthy teeth Habits

Chugging Lemon water

Lemon water as a go-to option is okay, but drinking it too often might put your teeth’s enamel at risk. Though lemon water has its benefits, it can cause dental erosion if taken excessively. Not to worry, you can still have it. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot for it can do more harm. Use a reusable straw and chug down plain, ordinary water afterward to lessen the adverse effect. (healthy teeth habits)

Munching Ice

No matter how tempting it is to nibble that ice after drinking cold drinks, it will lead to chipping and breakage of the teeth’s enamel for its dense and cold temperature says Dr. Hendrike van Drie, a periodontist in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and chair of the oral-health working group at the Council of European Dentists. Dentine hypersensitivity is often the aftereffects of extended exposure to cold temperatures. So allow it to melt rather than giving in and started munching the ice.

Taking medications

Regardless of the purpose, some medicines can cause dry mouth. Dr. Euan Swan, manager of dental programs at the Canadian Dental Association, says taking a few medications, as some of the antidepressants or painkillers, can minimize the saliva output, in effect, increases the possibility of tooth decay. It is highly inadvisable to stop the medication. Patients who have been bothered with this dilemma may ask their doctor’s prescription based on their needs, and that has no side effects of drying the mouth. Also, they may even nibble on sugarless gum or mints that are made for dry mouth to chop down the risk of tooth decay. (healthy teeth habits)

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