Emergency dentistry in Spring Texas refers to dental treatment that is provided on short notice. A person usually requires an emergency appointment due to an injury or a sudden oral health problem. Some common examples of problems that warrant emergency dentistry include a chipped or cracked tooth, a failed dental restoration or a sudden toothache. The staff at Dental Professionals of Spring will work to provide you with the very best emergency dentistry services in Spring, Texas.

When is Emergency Dentistry Needed?

Emergency dentistry in Spring Texas is needed when a sudden oral health problem arises that requires prompt treatment. If you chip or crack a tooth, then you might receive short-notice treatment to quickly restore its appearance. A patient with a sudden toothache might receive emergency dental treatment to determine the cause. Emergency dentistry in Spring Texas is also commonly provided for patients with previously installed dental restorations that are damaged and require fast repairs.

Can I Receive a Same-Day Appointment?

At Dental Professionals of Spring, we will do everything possible to get you in for a same-day appointment. Providing flexible schedule options is always one of our biggest priorities. If we cannot provide same-day service, then we will work to accommodate you as soon as we can. Our practice offers extended hours, early morning appointments and Saturday appointments to fit your busy schedule.

How Much Does Emergency Dentistry Cost?

The cost of emergency dental treatment cannot be accurately estimated online. There are too many factors to consider. For example, restoring a tooth with a minor chip is typically less expensive than installing a dental implant and providing a crown to replace an entire tooth. Our staff will provide a more accurate cost estimate prior to treatment. We do our best to keep costs low so that treatment is accessible. We also offer financing options if needed.